The Private & Exclusive,
Alpenglobe Dining Experience.

The Alpenglobe Dining Experience brings you and your guests senses to life, with a new, fun, and private atmosphere.

Located on our outdoor patio, stay cozy inside your intimate Alpenglobe, play your own music (optional), while enjoying our excellent cuisine, delicately crafted cocktails, curated beer and wine lists.

Book your dining experience under the stars or snowy nights in one of our three private Alpenglobes. Butcher’s Chophouse Alpenglobe Dining Experience will be a memorable Park City adventure.

What are the requirements to book an Alpenglobe?

Booking Fee + Food & Beverage Minimums are required

• Booking Fee $75 ($125 December 17th - January 2nd) + tax

*holidays/special events subject to change ​​

• Monday - Thursday: $400 Food & Beverage Minimum + tax

*holidays/special events subject to change

• Friday - Sunday: $500 Food & Beverage Minimum + tax

*holidays/special events subject to change

• Booking Fee + tax does NOT go toward the final bill

• Gratuity is NOT included in the minimums

• No food or beverage may be ordered to-go in order to meet the required

Food & Beverage minimum. Any remaining balance will be charged

as Booking Fee, and presented on the final bill

What is an Alpenglobe?

The Alpenglobe is sophisticated private dining "globe", part stargazing observatory, part gondola carriage and part secluded conclave for an intimate warm winter outdoor dining experience.  Each “globe” features a 360 degree view with adjustable heating, house music or Bluetooth speaker (you can listen to your playlists if you choose), and dimmable chandeliers.

How many guests fit in an Alpenglobe?

Each of our three (3) individual Alpenglobes can accommodate up to (8) guests, five (5) guests on a plush banquette, with room for three (3) additional chairs. Each Alpenglobe is private to your party only.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes! All Alpenglobes must be reserved in advance and can be reserved online through (recommended) or by calling the restaurant directly

at (435) 647-0040.  Reservations will be guaranteed with a credit card, charged a Booking Fee + tax, and are subject to a cancellation policy (see details below).

How long do I have the Alpenglobe for?

We have very limited reservations available per evening (6 in total).  We request each reservation adheres to a 2.5-hour dining experience from your reservation time, in order for our staff to properly sanitize each Alpenglobe for the next guests dining experience. 

What if I'm late for my reservation?

Your 2.5-hours of dining begins from your reservation time.  For early reservation times, this is imperative so that we may properly clean the Alpenglobe for the next guest reservation.

Can I book (2) Alpenglobes if I have more than (8) people?

Absolutely.  You will need to book the second Alpenglobe the same way as the first Alpenglobe.  Booking fee plus tax, food-and-beverage minimums plus tax, are required for both reserved Alpenglobes.  Gratuity not included.

How do I get on the waitlist?

If there are no available reservation time slots after selecting "one ticket" via the Alpenglobe page on, there is a "Set Notify" button.  Click this button, and follow the prompts.  You are on the Notify List when the "Set Notify" button turn green and reads "Notify On".  When a time slot becomes available, you will receive an automatic email from, and the link directly to the date requested.

What if there is inclement weather? 

Bring it on! Each Alpenglobe is weatherproof, heated and built to withstand all weather conditions.You will briefly be outside prior to entering the Alpenglobe. 

What is the menu?

Our regular dinner menu will be available for all guests.  Visit our website for our latest offering. (click here to see the menu)

Does the Booking Fee apply to the final bill?

Due to the very limited number of available reservations, and the private dining experience each Alpenglobe offers, the booking fee plus tax at the time of securing the reservation does NOT apply to the final bill.  The required food-and-beverage minimum, plus tax and gratuity are additional.

What if I need to cancel?

Due to the extremely limited availability – we offer just six (6) total reservations per day – cancellations must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to your reservation, in order to avoid cancellation charges to your secured credit card on file.

For cancellations within 48 hours prior to your reservation, your secured credit card on file will be charged $200 and loss of your Booking Fee.  If you fail to show up for your reservation, your secured credit card on file will be charged 100% of the Food & Beverage minimum + loss of Booking Fee.